Endangered Species Education Program

One of the Endangered Species Coalition’s primary objectives is to provide endangered species conservation and related information/resource material to public and private school teachers, as well as educators with after-school programs, nature centers and other organizations. This Educator Resource Center is updated on a regular basis, so check back for new content and other support.

Missing Species Report Project

The Missing Species Report project is a socially engaged arts and science program designed to help raise awareness of 10 species of animals, plants, and insects that are severely endangered. It features a downloadable curriculum (that fits into national common core standards for literacy and art as well as next generation standards) for four different age groups, along with templates for the special species reports and flyers that students can develop, and with additional resources.

Additional Lesson Plans

Two additional lesson plans can also be adapted to complement various science and art subjects and your class schedules.

Top 10 Report Teaching Guidelines

The Endangered Species Coalition produces an annual Top 10 report that focuses on critical animal species and habitat issues. Examples include Removing the Walls to Recovery, No Room to Roam, Vanishing and Back from the Brink. These teacher guidelines include suggestions on how you can incorporate the reports in your classroom instruction.

Endangered Species Day

The annual Endangered Species Day (third Friday in May) provides numerous opportunities to coordinate student discussions on endangered species conservation and to initiate specific in-class and outdoor actions that can help protect plant and animal species.


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