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Justly Biodiverse: Nature’s Lifeline for the Health of All Communities 

COVID-19, Ebola, SARS, and other zoonotic diseases make it clear that when we endanger biodiversity, we endanger ourselves. These zoonotic diseases are increasing because of our unsustainable relationship with biodiversity. Read more..

Trafficked: 10 Species Threatened by the Wildlife Trade

Wildlife and plant trafficking and unsustainable wildlife trade is a multi-billion-dollar industry and a major threat to species in the U.S. and worldwide. Trafficked: 10 Species Threatened by the Wildlife Trade, highlights how legal and illegal commerce in rare plants and wildlife is driving species decline, and in some cases, posing a threat to human health. Several of the species in the report are part of the global pet trade, such as the yellow-headed parrot and the Tokay gecko. Others are sought for food or medicinal properties, including the Scalloped hammerhead shark, pinto abalone and the pangolin – a scaly, armadillo-like creature, thought to be involved in the transmission of the novel coronavirus. Still others are coveted as “collectables,” including the Venus flytrap and the rufous hummingbird. Read more…

Poisoned: 10 American Species Imperiled by Pesticides

Pollution is a top five driver of the loss of plants and wildlife. Pesticides are among the most dangerous pollutants, harming insects, mussels, fish, amphibians, birds, and even mammals—humans included. Unfortunately, the Trump Administration has taken a big step back from protections that would keep wildlife and humans safe from some of the most toxic pesticides. The consequences to nature are being felt across the country. This report, released by the Endangered Species Coalition in partnership with seven of our member groups, details ten of the most impacted species. Read More…

Extinction Plan: 10 Species Imperiled by the Trump Administration

For 45 years, the Endangered Species Act has been protecting at-risk species throughout the United States. It stands as an international model of conservation and, through trade restrictions, reaches to safeguard species across the globe.

But the Act, itself, is now at risk. The Trump Administration is systematically dismantling this landmark legislation through policies and a set of proposed regulations that weaken existing protections and make it difficult to establish new safeguards. Regs that ignore the impacts of climate change. New rules that provide giveaways to big business—at the expense of science, conservation, and, ultimately, humanity’s wellbeing.  Read more…

Suppressed: How Politics Drowned out Science for Ten Endangered Species

Suppressed: How Politics Drowned out Science for Ten Endangered Species highlights ten imperiled fish, plant and wildlife conservation decisions over the last decade in which the science was either ignored or suppressed as a result of intense special interest lobbying and influence. Read more…

Removing the Walls to Recovery: Top Ten Species for a New Administration

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No Room to Roam: Ten American Species in Need of Connectivity and Corridors

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Vanishing: 10 American Species Our Children May Never See

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Back from the Brink: 10 Success Stories Celebrating the Endangered Species Act at 40

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Water Woes: How Dams, Diversions, Dirty Water, and Droughts Put America’s Wildlife At Risk

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Fueling Extinction: How Dirty Energy Drives Wildlife to the Brink

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It’s Getting Hot Out There: Top 10 Places to Save for Endangered Species in a Warming World 

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America’s Hottest Species: Ten Endangered Wildlife, Fish, and Plants Impacted by Climate Change 

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Without a Net: Top Ten Wildlife, Fish, and Plants in need of Endangered Species Act Protection

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BOOK: A Wild Success

On the eve of the Act’s 40th anniversary we asked a variety of interesting individuals from around the country to share their perspectives about the importance of wildlife. Some of the individuals are famous. Some are not. But they all share the desire to see wildlife protected. And we want to celebrate that appreciation for wildlife in the Act’s 40th year. Read more…